Healing Salt Caves Code of Conduct

For an optimal experience, Healing Salt Cave asks all guests to follow this code of conduct during your visit:

  • Silence is required throughout the entire facility
  • No Fragrances are to be worn on the day of your visit

  • Our facility is proud to offer a non-smoking environment as such, smoking before or during your visit is prohibited

  • Cellphones are asked to be turned off and left in one of our lockers

  • Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated or accepted (for example: talking to loudly, damaging our property, smoking during your visit)

  • For safety reasons, we ask that you do not bring any glass containers to our facility

  • Outside food and drink is not permitted on our site

  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian

Healing Salt Cave reserves the right to ask you to leave our facility if our Mindfulness Etiquette is not respected and followed.