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Yoga in a Salt Cave


Yoga in a Salt Cave


Yoga like you’ve never experienced before!

Yoga is a collection of physical, mental and spiritual practices originating from ancient India. In Western culture – Yoga is often considered a form of exercise, consisting largely of the postures called asanas. It has slowly gained popularity and developed into posture-based physical fitness, stress-relief and relaxation technique. Yet still it maintains a meditative and spiritual core. The effects of yoga on physical and mental health have been a popular subject to studies in the west, with evidence that regular yoga practice yields benefits for low back pain and stress.

Hot Yoga is a modern form of yoga performed under warm conditions resulting in the bodies natural effect of perspiration. In the west it has become popular as an attempt to recreate the benefits of practicing yoga in warm climates where the body undergoes a gentle detoxification through sweat. In these applications, the muscles of the body have the opportunity to relax, and warm up more easily offering its students the ability for a deeper stretch.

*Some contra-dictions  have been noted as exercising in high heat and humidity is not advised for pregnant women due to over-exhaustion, muscle injury or tissue damage. Hormones and fetal development affect blood pressure, making the mother more susceptible to fainting and light-headedness if exercising in a hot environment.

Full Pricing Options

  • New to the facility?

  • Just visiting the Falls for the weekend?

  • Want to invite a friend?

  • New to yoga?

  • Try a Drop-In Class!

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  • $14.50 per Class

  • Non Transferable, not shareable.

  • Expires 3 months after first visit.

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Want to go Unlimited?

  • 12 Month Commitment

  • Unlimited Yoga + Hot Yoga

  • 10% on all Merchandise

  • Discounts on Halotherapy services

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  • 3 Month Commitment

  • Unlimited Yoga + Hot Yoga

  • 10% on all Merchandise

  • Discounts on Halotherapy services

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  • SALE – Available until November 20th!

  • Unlimited Yoga + Hot Yoga

  • 10% on all Merchandise

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  • Please be mindful that some memberships require a specified commitment term.
  • Memberships are billed monthly starting after your first visit.
  • After membership contracts expire, membership fees will not continue month to month.
  • All memberships include 10% off merchandise, access to workshops, and full access to hot and regular yoga classes.
  • Please take note of our suspension policy: Each member is allowed 2 free suspensions in a 12 month period. Each suspension is a minimum of 14 days, maximum of 2 months. We reserve the right to a $20 pause charge for every suspension after the first 2 have been applied.
  • $8 no-show fee will be charged for any class you pre-register for but do not attend. Please notify us if you can’t make it, there may be others who are trying to get into that class!
  • Medical suspensions: no charge but require a note and clearance to come back.
  • Memberships are not transferable or shareable.
  • Students = full time secondary or post-Secondary | Senior = 60+
  • Our passes and memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Only individual sessions can be booked online. To book a service for more than one person please call us.

“Karma Yoga with Krystal in the cave was absolutely amazing!”


“ I absolutely love the yoga in the salt cave! Its such a great experience and brings yoga to a whole new level.”


“ Awesome Yoga Experience in the Salt Cave! Keep this going – love it!”


“Yoga in the caves is restorative amazingness!”


For all Yogis

Our intention is to create a safe and healing space for all our students and clients with every class and service we offer. To do this we have outlined a few rules to adhere to: 

When you arrive to the facility, please check in at the front desk where the yoga instructor will be waiting to sign you in on the Ipad. From there, they will direct you to the yoga room where you can get your self ready for the class.

When walking through the halls please be considerate that there are other patrons at the facility undergoing different services and treatments. We ask that you be mindful of your noise levels and keep conversations to a minimum. The facility is a quiet space; cellphones must be shut off or set to silent before arriving and may be stored with any bags in our complimentary lockers.

Pre-Registration and Waitlist

Please register for your classes online. You can do this up to 30 days in advance and up to 30 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin. Having a membership does not give priority over any other person, there is a limited class capacity. As a result, pre-registration is important!

Even if a class appears full, you are encouraged to add yourself to the waitlist. If you are wait listed for a class, please be mindful of your email or text messages.  As cancellations are made the first name on the wait list gets automatically bumped into the class. Therefore, you should be signed up for notifications. Once you are added to the class from the waitlist, you become responsible for attending or cancelling. If you are wait listed and can no longer make it to class, it is your responsibility to leave the waitlist, so you don’t get added without being able to make it.

If you are waitlisted, consider showing up anyway! Sometimes we may have a last-minute opening, and if not, we can almost always fit you into the Salt Cave at the complimentary member price of $25 for adults.

*Please show up no later than 5 minutes before the class begins to guarantee your spot.

If there is no sign of you 5 minutes before the class, we reserve the right to give your spot to someone else who is wiatlisted and physically present and waiting.

Please make every attempt to arrive as early as possible.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your class on our website or the MindBody app up to 4 hours before class to avoid being charged the No-Show fee. Please note that we will not accept phone or email cancellations.

If you miss the 4-hour window please Late-Cancel so we can do our best to fill your spot. This supports others by allowing them to get into class.

No-Show Fee

A No-Show Fee occurs when you are signed up for a class, and do not show up or you missed the late-cancellation window (4 hours before the start of the class). You may be subject to a $8 No-Show fee, and we will donate that money to the Canadian Halotherapy Association – at least this way it is still going towards a good cause.

For those who have an unlimited membership type – a No-Show fee will be charged to your card on file. Students with a multiple class pass: a single class pass will be forfeited from your account, but you will not be charged any additional fees.

Thank you for understanding, we are simply trying to be fair to everyone, without being wasteful with empty spaces.

If you don’t show up a few times, that’s okay, we are forgiving – we know sometimes life just happens. However, if we notice that this continues into a regular routine and you are obstructing others from enjoying a class; we’ll send you a notification, speak to you in person, and as a last resort block your login.

Arrive on Time

Please note that class sign in starts 30 minutes before the class begins. The teacher will leave the desk 5 minutes before class begins. This may mean the door will be locked at that time. You must arrive before that so the class can start on time. This gives you just enough time to put down your things, fill up your water, and set yourself up in the Yoga room.

For the benefit of everyone in the class, teachers and other students, latecomers will not be permitted into the class once the teacher has entered the studio and the class has begun. Give yourself the appropriate amount of time to arrive considering traffic and weather.

Our goal is to hold space for as many of you as possible, in every single class we offer, without space going to waste unnecessarily. We always appreciate your feedback. This policy was created based on consideration and mindfulness of others.
Thank you for your contribution and understanding.

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Yogi Exclusive Perks

Available with the purchase of the 4 or 12 month membership!