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The Perfect Gift for food lovers!


  • Pink Salt Cooking Stone (Square)
  • Pink Salt Grinder
  • 2 lb. Pink Salt Box
  • Salt on the Go Container

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Product Description

Pink Salt Cooking Stone: Season your BBQ favourites while they cook. Meats, Seafood, and Veggies! The Pink Salt Stone acts as a barrier from the carcinogens in a BBQ. Enhance your flavoring like never before … you’ll be going back for a second plate!

Pink Salt Grinder: Our Ceramic Grinders, fight against that regular wear and tear most grinders experience. Finely grinds your pink salt for all your cooking needs.

2 lb. Salt Box: A replacement box for your grinder. Pink Salt carries 84 elements & minerals that are essential to your health & well-being. Pink Salt is universal, it can be used for the bath or for all your cooking needs.
Using it in the bath it can assist with: de-stressing and detoxifying the body, alleviating skin conditions, relieving inflammation and muscle and joint aches & pains, and more! Adding it into your diet it can: lower your blood pressure, increase hydration, promote a stable PH balance within your cells, and more!

Salt On the Go:  Don’t settle for regular table salt at restaurants … Take the best with you anywhere and everywhere.


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